Sachlev Chapter – Rishon LeTzion

President: Mira Tal, 050-5518888

The chapter was established in March 2005 by Pnina Atir with 9 other members. Today, the chapter has close to 60 members, mainly from Rishon LeTzion and a few settlements in the area.
Once a month we hold social morning meetings (on the first Sunday of each month) at the Kiryat Ganim Community Center. The content of the meetings varies from lectures by external speakers to social activities of the members in the chapter. We celebrate Israel's festivals together, and finish the year by watching a documentary about what we have done during the past year. In addition, we have established a library to exchange books which members donate. The rule of "book-for-book" has so far managed to keep the books fresh and provide a varied selection.

We hold fundraising events twice a year. The themes are determined according to the needs of Hadassah-Israel or the local community in which we operate.

Volunteer activities in the community are a must throughout the year:

Women at Risk
- Since January 2006, members have volunteered with Women at Risk (coffee and conversation, and mothers of teenage girls at risk). Some women have more than 10 years of experience.

Teenage Girls at Risk- This year we started meeting with teen girls at risk. Acting within Covid restrictions the girls, aged 14-17, received a course in styling and empowerment given by a clinical psychologist and accompanied by volunteer women.

Thinking Games- Since 2008, three groups of volunteers have been involved in Thinking Games for third-grade children in schools in Rishon LeTzion.

Social Support and Assistance - Individual meetings with children at risk from grade 4 and above, who are not integrated into after-school programs.

sachlav kids dialogMediation in Schools - Starting in 2016, eight Hadassah Sachlev members,  have participated in a facilitator course for the workshop: "A Different Dialogue and Cooperation" by the Rishon LeTzion Municipality for the benefit of Rishon school students. The members were trained to deliver eight weekly workshops to fourth grade students. The purpose of these workshops is to teach children the language of mediation, using a different dialogue to replace the language of violence, and to expose students to the viability of mediation in any conflict. Towards the end of the year or at the beginning of the fifth grade the outstanding students attend a young mediators course which also has eight sessions that include a practicum. It is these students who mediate conflicts during the fifth and sixth grades. In the photo: artwork by children in the program. We stop anger by doing things that calm us down.

Daycare - In 2018, we started another activity in collaboration with the Welfare Department and adopted daycare centers for children aged 0-3. Daycare activities include attending morning sessions providing personal and individual attention to children with delayed physical development (sitting, crawling, walking etc.)

Club for the Blind - As of 2018, a number of members from the chapter have been volunteering for various activities at the Club for the Blind in Rishon LeTzion. The volunteers give the club members courses in painting, ceramics and storytelling once a week.

Ad-hoc Volunteering - Hadassah members volunteer according to the needs of the Volunteer Department of the Rishon LeTzion Municipality.  Assisting the elderly with phone calls and sending letters, packing games for children with corona and more. This year, due to corona, cakes were prepared and delivered to Holocaust survivors in the city. A number of members are participating in the "Rishoniot Mevashlot" program, preparing hot meals,  from donated ingredients, for Holocaust survivors.
A number of members talk to and keep in touch with seniors.

Assistance and Support for Children in Integrated Classes - This project did not start due to the corona crisis.

Giving Lectures in Retirement Clubs - During 2020, our volunteers started giving enrichment lectures in retirement clubs in the city's west side and at the Ethiopian Women's Club.

Trip to Market and Old Jaffa with guide Tony Barokas, Sachlev Chapter Member

sachlav jaffa1 250 sachlav jaffa2 250
 HaPisga Garden Members in a store with plenty of  "schmontzes"
sachlav jaffa5 500 sachlav jaffa5 250
Uri Geller in a photo with members of the Blind Club next to the world's largest spoon   A visit to the Uri Geller Museum with members of the Rishon Lezion Blind Club 

 sachlav jaffa4 250
A tour of the Ha-Manhigim Garden in Rishon Lezion with members of the Blind Club and guide Shosh HaVardi 


  More Chapter Activities 

 sachlav meirshfeya  sachlav palmach museum
During a visit to the Meir Shfeya Youth Village, two students lead the chapter members Members with a group from "Coffee and Conversation" visiting the Palmach Museum
sachlav members arikeinstein1 sachlav coffee conversation
Sachlev chapter members on a tour in
Tel Aviv Following Arik Einstein
Members of the Sachlev chapter on a year-end trip with the women of Coffee and Conversation , in Nahalat Shiva, Jerusalem