On Sunday, March 13, 2021, we heard a fascinating lecture on Zoom by Dr. Michal Kaufman-Yehezkeli, ENT specialist and Director of Otology and Cochlear Implant Center.
Dr. Kaufman explained to us the complex anatomy and physiology of hearing, the structure of the ear, its pathologies, the reasons for hearing loss, and the diverse therapeutic solutions. She introduced us to the evolution of hearing aids, from the most primitive invented in 1898, to the advanced devices of today.
Dr. Kaufman focused on how cochlear implant surgery is performed.  This delicate and life-changing surgery, performed to restore hearing in patients who are deaf or suffer severe hearing loss, is performed from the age of 6 months to over the age of 90.
Dr. Kaufman stressed the importance of purchasing the Cone Beam CT (CBCT) device, which emits less than a tenth of the radiation emitted by traditional CT devices. The CBCT will be the only one of its kind in Israel. It will provide more accurate imaging during cochlear implant surgeries and of injuries and pathologies of the head, face, and oral cavity as well.

The lecture was presented in two versions - Hebrew and English. About 100 Hadassah members from the Hebrew-speaking chapters and 100 from the English-speaking chapters attended.

Dr. Michal Kaufman-Yehezkeli's lecture was fascinating, accompanied by short videos for maximum illustration, through which we could understand the great importance of purchasing the new CBCT device. 

Hadassah-Israel is proud to dedicate its annual fundraising effort to this project. 
On 21/03/21, a special spring event will be held on Zoom. We would greatly appreciate your generous contributions to this life-changing project.