It has been stated since the beginning of the modern city of Modi’in, that 60% of the population are academic, but the percentage of arts and crafts people has not been known. There are very many talented and skilled artisans living in Modi’in; it would be interesting to have data. Some of them showed their work at the recent Hadassah-Israel Levonah Arts and Crafts event.

levonah arts 2023 crafts3Participants were:

Dianne Bekritzky, Painter and Maker of Papercuts

Nurit Ben Aharon, Contemporary Paintings

Carole Cahm, Artist in acrylics and oil

levonah arts 2023 crafts2Sima and Allan Greenberg, representing their son’s creations made out of broken wedding glasses

Ruth and Douglas Guthrie, Photography and products made with photographs

Rachel Inbar, Woodturned products

Marilyn Libman, Watercolour artist

levonah arts 2023 crafts1Roni bat Shaul, Kohanim Artist in Glassware

Terry Mischel, Quilting and Fabric Crafts

Naomi Persky, Functional and Decorative Pottery

Sharon Young, Functional and Decorative Ceramics

levonah arts 2023 sweetsIt was an exhibition of high standards of work, and a welcome social gathering.

Member Janice Waldman had arranged welcome refreshments, which were donated by Bonnie Bachenheimer in memory of the late Mimi Nadelbach.

Most importantly, with additional raffle prizes, it was a successful fundraiser for Hadassah-Israel.


 levonah arts 2023 group1  levonah arts 2023 raffle2  levonah arts 2023 raffle3  levonah arts 2023 raffle1