Rotem Chapter - Petach Tikva


President: Tamar Sorek - 054-973-4657,


The Rotem chapter was established in 1996 and now has more than 80 registered members.

We gather for a monthly social meeting at the Bet LaMitnadev hall in the city, including refreshments prepared by the members. We hear lectures on various mind-broadening topics. Several times a year we go on trips and on holidays we hold parties.


Several times a year we conduct fundraising events such as fashion shows.

A successful fundraising bazaar for the Rehabilitation Department was held by Rotem Chapter Read the article


  • Birthdays Project
    For the past 4 years volunteers have been coming every month to clubs for children from weak socio-economic families, to celebrate the children's birthdays of that month. We organize games and music for the children, conduct a quiz with prizes, and naturally there is no celebration without homemade cakes made by our chaverot. We also give the children snacks that they enjoy. Five members are volunteering in this project.

  • Club for adult population with delayed development
    3 times a week, two volunteers arrive in rotation to the club, prepare refreshments for its participants, play box games with them, help them with creative work, dance with them, celebrate the holidays and more.

  • Assistance to special education kindergartens for children with special needs
    In a number of special education kindergartens, about 7 volunteers play with the children, help them with creative work, read stories, and the volunteer who comes on Friday bakes challahs with the children.