Shaked Chapter - Rehovot


President:  Solange Zdivil


The chapter was founded in 1985 and has over 90 members

Facebook Page (in Hebrew)

Social Activity 

Every month, sometimes even more often, there is a social gathering of the group –a stimulating lecture or marking the Jewish holidays and various events.The meetings include light refreshments, and we prepare interesting content, sing-alongs and more. In addition, we occasionally plan a trip, a show at a discounted price, etc.

The members participate in various activities of the Forum for the Advancement of the Status of Women or other entities in the city.

I bring to the attention of the members every new course opened by the Forum for the Advancement of Women or the Welfare Department, and encourage them to participate. Many of our members have participated in courses such as: women's leadership, mediation, gender budgeting etc.

I also procure workshops at a discounted price for the members, such as for personal empowerment and reinforcing tips, healthy lifestyles, etc. All the meetings and friendships created at the workshops contribute to a stronger sense of belonging and personal acquaintance.


  • We turn to the Rehovot Municipality and Bank Hapoalim for a donation
  • We hold a bazaar twice a year in the courtyard of "Bet Ha'Ikar"
  • At each meeting, the refreshments are brought by the members and they pay NIS.20 per participant, sometimes more if we have expenses
  • We participate in the national events of Hadassah-Israel to raise funds
  • Twice a year we hold a large fundraising event for 200 participants


  • The "Coffee and Conversation (Café ve-Siach)" project has been in existence for 13 years
  • Volunteering in 2 clubs for children at risk, Grades 1-4, help in homework
  • Volunteering at the Adi home for girls at risk who need help and support
  • Health promotion in the community in cooperation with Kaplan Hospital
  • Volunteers in 2 clubs for the third age

More Chapter Activities

The second of five meetings, with Shosh Waldman, moderator and initiator of "Meetings of the Heart" . 
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 shaked 11 2021 museum2  shaked 11 2021 museum1
 Members of Shaked Chapter visiting the Miniature Museum in Yokneam. Members of Shaked Chapter visiting the Miniature Museum in Yokneam and the Spice Farm in Bethlehem of Galilee. 
 shaked 11 2021 beit lechem glilit1  shaked 11 2021 museum3
 Members of Shaked Chapter visiting the Spice Farm in Bethlehem of Galilee. Members of Shaked Chapter visiting the Miniature Museum in Yokneam.