Horshat Ha'Eucalyptus Chapter - Hadera


President: Michal Brodny, 054-264-1343, b_michel@walla.com


The Horshat Eucalyptus chapter in Hadera was established in 2004.
The president of the chapter since then is Michal Brodny.
The chapter currently has 15 members. They meet informally from time to time.


The chapter holds various events to fundraise for their projects and for Hadassah-Israel national projects.


1. Coffee and Conversation (Café Siach) Project - Every week there is a meeting of the chapter's volunteers with women who have experienced violence. At these meetings there are empowerment workshops for these women, lectures on various subjects, social games, open dialogue and a variety of activities.

2. The Bat Mitzvah project – The chapter's volunteers meet weekly with a group of girls / girl teenagers from the Ethiopian community. At the meetings the volunteers prepare the girls for physical and mental maturity, and among other things they provide them with tools for dealing with sexual exploitation.

3. Coffee Bonneh (Coffee and Building) project - meetings with women from the Ethiopian community and their empowerment. At present the Coffee Bonneh Project is suspended.

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