Recently the official changing of presidents of Mor Chapter in Modiin took place.
We welcomed and congratulated Rivkah Cooper, new National President, who is also a member of the English-speaking chapter of Levonah in Modiin. We thanked Nurit Sofer, the outgoing president of Mor, for her many years of inspiration and activity for Mor chapter and presented her with a beautiful album compiled by Debbie Dumanis, with photos of her in the many activities of Hadassah-Israel over the years. The photos were shown as a presentation during the ceremony. Rivkah installed our new president Galila Katzir, and then Galila gave a short speech. 

After the ceremony, there was a lecture accompanied by a fascinating and empowering presentation by Mr. David Harris, Public Relations Officer at the Hadassah Israel offices, entitled “Hadassah Saves Lives in War”. In the lecture, David Harris reviewed the preparation of Hadassah doctors and nurses to receive the wounded, and their lifesaving activities. We heard inspiring and heroic stories of wounded people who were treated at Hadassah. We were shown photos of the new Rehabilitation building at Mt Scopus, the specially adapted rooms, and videos of the wounded being treated by occupational therapy there. David Harris explained to us the importance of the new equipment for which Hadassah-Israel is raising money, the Thero trainer Balo. 

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