Each year Hadassah-Israel chooses an innovative program at Hadassah Medical Organization as its National Project. Hadassah-Israel members from Carmiel in the North to Beer Sheva in the South take upon themselves to work and raise funds and awareness for this project. Thereby the Hadassah-Israel volunteers take part in making Hadassah Hospital an outstanding international  medical institution.

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This year Hadassah-Israel supports  Hadassah Hospital’s Alzheimer's Research Program. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), one of the most common causes of dementia, is an age-associated disease that has a devastating impact on the quality of life of patients, families, and caregivers.
Although AD is thought of as a disease of the elderly, a great deal of biomedical data indicate that the brain changes of AD begin many years before symptoms of the disease begin to appear. Therefore, early diagnosis, intervention, and a personalized treatment plan at the pre-clinical stage of AD are vital for the development of effective prevention strategies.
The Alzheimer Research Program will give doctors, in a few years, the ability to identify people who are at high risk of developing AD with a simple, inexpensive blood test which will allow them to provide patients with personalized treatment plans and early intervention.

 Please donate generously toward this important research.