The Eshel Chapter of Beer Sheva: Shirley Smalheiser

Shirley was born in New York City in 1929. She is married, has three children, and three grandchildren. When her husband got his Ph.D. from Yeshiva University in l954, they moved to Iowa where she became active in the Hadassah Quad Cities Chapter, serving as Program Chair. Her husband gifted her a Life Membership in Hadassah USA when she got her Master's Degree from the University of Iowa in l978.
They made Aliyah in l984 and first settled in Netanya, Shirley immediately became active in the Hadassah-Israel Chapter there serving as Program Chair.
Later, circumstances led them to Mitzpe Ramon in 1987 so she transferred her membership to the Beer Sheva Chapter. Over time she held positions such as Bulletin Editor, Secretary, and Vice President. 
At various times over the last 15 to 20 years, she has been Chapter Co-President with other Hadassah-Israel women.
Shirley says she is honored to represent the Eshel Chapter of Beer Sheva and the Sothern Region.
SG22 Shirley Smalheiser
The Oren Chapter of Haifa: Valerie Serkes
Valerie joined Oren Chapter, Haifa in 2000 and has been a steadfast member of the Board since 2002. Always volunteering conscientiously in the background, Valerie has never sought the limelight but has made a huge contribution in her roles as Chapter Treasurer and Membership Chairperson.

Her meticulous record keeping is renowned both locally in Haifa and at the H-I Office! In addition, for many years, Valerie designed the attractive Oren certificates, presented to guest speakers. She was a member of the 2010 National Conference Committee and was always a hard-working volunteer at the Annual Oren Bazaars, held for the public in Hadar, Haifa to raise funds for the W@R Project.
She well deserves this honour for such long-term commitment to Hadassah-Israel and, particularly, to Oren Chapter, Haifa.
Sg22 Valerie Serkes Oren
The Levonah Chapter of Modiin:  Rivkah Cooper

Rivkah is a Life Member and Founding Member of the Levonah Chapter in Modiin. She has been involved with Hadassah-Israel since 2010 when the Levonah  Chapter was formed.

Rivkah has held many positions within the Chapter: Programming Chair, Membership Chair, and Co-President for 4 years, during which time the number of new members increased considerably. She is currently on the National Board, serving as Co-VP of the English-Speaking Chapters.

With her friendly and caring ways, Rivkah is devoted to helping all the volunteers and values each one, as they give the strength that makes Hadassah-Israel the outstanding organization it is today.

SG22 Rivkah Cooper Levonah
The Vered Hasharon Chapter:   Adriane Bernstein

Adriane Bernstein made Aliyah from South Africa in 1994 with her 3 young children. Now she is savta to 7 grandies, as she calls them. She joined our chapter in 2014 and jumped in with both feet, as a contributing, sharing and caring member, and as a friend. She is often the one to turn to with a variety of questions and she’ll respond with well researched information.

She has volunteered in various capacities, including setting up joint efforts with the organization A Spoonful of Hope, bringing smiles to children in need.
While she has been an active member of the board for many years, her latest contribution has been in her role as Fundraising Chair. She has excelled in this position and with great devotion has led her committee to pull off 2 extremely successful fundraisers. Her organizational skills, leadership abilities and vast experience as a businesswoman, gave her the tools to oversee and participate in producing events that brought to Hadassah-Israel substantial donations.

We are so very fortunate to have Adriane as one of our Hadassah sisters. 

SG22 Adriane Bernstein 
The Nachama-Tamar Chapter of Jerusalem:  Elisheva Lahav

Elisheva made aliya more than 50 years ago, and met her husband, Michael in Israel. The proud mother of four sons, she was the daughter of a Tamar Chapter President, and served as President of the Nachama Chapter, begun by Tamar members for their working daughters. Besides being the spring-board for many creative programming ideas, she publishes a news letter promoting the chapter’s and National Hadassah-Israel’s activities, and e-mails it to all of our members.
An excellent proof-reader in English and Hebrew, Hadassah-Israel often turns to Elisheva for proofreading and translating. In addition to serving on the National Special Gifts Committee, Elisheva has also volunteered for the last 20 years in the Internal Medicine Department at Hadassah Hospital, Mt. Scopus taking EKG’s.

Currently, she serves as the unofficial “co-president” of the Nachama-Tamar Chapter, and its Treasurer.
Elisheva Lahav is truly deserving of this very special award!

SG22 nachama tamar elisheva lahav 
 The Mor Chapter of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut:  Gili Inbar

Gili was born in Kibbutz Eyal and lived there until she was ten years old. She graduated from the Ramla-Lod High School and studied at the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After a period of working as a municipal prosecutor in the Ramla municipality, Gili decided that her vocation was in teaching. She studied for a teaching diploma and then worked at the youth center in Lod - a high school for youth from low socio-economic strata.

Since the day she retired, 15 years ago, Gili has been volunteering as part of the Mor Chapter of Hadassah-Israel in Modi'in. She has taught and participated in the Thinking Games project in several schools in Modi'in for the last 15 years. This last year she also participated in the weekly meetings at an elderly citizens club where Mor Chapter started a Thinking Games project.  She has hosted many meetings at her house and is always willing to help in our fundraising events.

Gili is married, a mother of 3 children and a grandmother of 5 grandchildren.

mor gili inbar1 
The Shoshana Chapter of Netanya:  Ora Aharoni

Ora Aharoni is a veteran volunteer who is always ready to take on any job asked of her.

She plays the accordion at events and prepares song sheets for everyone – always with a smile on her face.

Ora always makes us feel good and happy. We, of Netanya's Shoshana Chapter, all love this exceptional, wonderful woman.

SG22 Ora Aharoni
The Ner Halayla Chapter of Bat Yam: Rachel Hajj
Rachel Hajj is very active in Bat Yam's Ner Halayla Chapter and is also its treasurer.
She is very giving, loves everyone, and is the coordinator of the "Sadot" Program for schoolchildren at risk.
SG22 rachel hajj

The Horshat Ha'Eucalyptus Chapter of Hadera: Devorah (Deby) Rozman-Shaked

Devorah Rozman-Shaked of the Horshat Ha'ecalyptus Chapter in Hadera was a nurse at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, where she lived until her retirement and moving to Hadera to be closer to her daughter.

She has been a very active volunteer in many of Hadassah's projects (as well as many non-Hadassah projects). We say that she is our "Woman of Valor" and our chapter is lucky to have "won" someone really special.

SG22 hadera rozman shaked
The Sachlev Chapter of Rishon LeTzion:  Nitza Harlov

Nitza Harlov of the Rishon L'Tzion Sachlav Chapter grew up on a moshav where she was taught the values of mutual involvement and mutual help.

She has been a member of our chapter since its founding, and has been active in a great many of our activities, even after a two-year hiatus due to illness. In addition to her regular volunteering, she is always willing to give of her time − in various and sundry ways − whenever necessary.

SG22 sachlav nitza harlov
The Shaked Chapter of Rehovot: Gabi Alpern

Gabi Alpern, mother of two and grandmother of seven, has been a Shaked Chapter (Rehovot) volunteer for some 10 years, mainly involved in the weekly "Stop Family Violence" project.

In addition, she helps at all the chapter's events – decorating, refreshments, setting up the venue, selling raffle tickets, and bringing in donations.

We are grateful for her help, her support, her attentiveness, and her willingness to invest so much time and energy in our chapter.

SG22 shaked gabi elfarn
The Rakefet Chapter of Jerusalem: Rachel Gur

Rachel Gur has been the treasurer of Rakefet Chapter for four years. She does her job devotedly and faithfully, and contributes much to the wonderful ambience at the chapter.

In addition to fulfilling her job as treasurer − while busy with her additional activities, including being a mother and grandmother − she also takes courses and participates in activities for pensioners, having retired from the Central Bureau of Statistics about four and a half years ago.

SG22 rakefet rachel gur
The Yakiton Chapter of Jerusalem: Rachel Ron

Rachel Ron, a lawyer by profession, has been president of the Yakinton Chapter since 2002. She had been invited to join the group 25 years ago by its founder, Vera Katzburg z"l.

Rachel served as the parliamentarian and thus gave legal advice to Hadassah-Israel whenever necessary; she continues in that role until today.

SG22 yakiton rachel ron